The advantages of using glass tea sets for brewing tea

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2023-03-09 11:58

Glass tea ware is transparent and bright, and tea can be made in glass tea ware. While tasting tea, you can also appreciate the aesthetic form of tea in the tea ware. Therefore, tea made in glass tea ware is more and more favored by people. There are many advantages to making tea with glass tea set: the glass tea set is fast heat dissipation, conducive to the control of water temperature, keep the original flavor characteristics of tea; Of all the materials, glasses are healthy. Glass tea sets use high borosilicate heat-resistant glass blowing, in the process of firing does not contain organic chemicals, when people drink water in the glass or other drinks, do not have to worry about chemicals will be drunk into the belly, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt is not easy to breed in the cup wall, so drinking water with glass tea sets is healthy and safe.

Among the many glass tea sets, the common one is the tea cup. Using tea cups to brew tea leaves, the color of the tea soup, the posture of the tea leaves, as well as the ups and downs of the tea leaves in the brewing process, are unobstructed. Therefore, a variety of fine famous tea with glass cups to brew, is very appreciative value. Glass tea sets are mainly suitable for brewing tea: grass, black tea, green tea, Pu 'er tea, fruit tea, health tea and craft flower tea and coffee series, with high ornamental, interesting. If you like to appreciate the color of the tea soup, the posture of the tea, and the floating scenery of the tea while brewing, then the glass tea set is a good choice for you.

Famous teas, especially green teas, should be brewed in clear glasses. While brewing, while watching the shape of tea, while drinking, do not have a fun. Ordinary green tea can be brewed in porcelain tea cups or teapots; Jasmine tea can be brewed and drunk in the form of covered bowl tea. Black tea, especially broken red tea, should be brewed in tall glasses to make the red tea soup more attractive; It can also be brewed in a teapot and drunk in a coffee cup. Drink can be free to add sugar or milk, similar to drinking coffee, do not have a "foreign" taste. Black tea can also be brewed in brightly decorated tea sets such as Kwan Red, sacrificial red or Canton color tea sets. Oolong tea should be brewed with purple clay tea ware and then drunk in small tea cups. Oolong tea can also be brewed with warm-colored porcelain tea ware and then covered with boiling water to retain strong tea fragrance.

The use of glass tea set tea, color, aroma, taste in a cup, fully meet people's needs for tea appreciation, is the pursuit of classical and fashion collocation choice, is an indispensable thing for a healthy life.

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