How to choose a glass teapot

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2023-02-18 17:02

Glass products are more popular on the market now, and transparent glass teapots are more popular in the tea tasting industry. The tea brewed by glass teapots tastes strong and looks very beautiful. Today, Xiaobian will take you to know how to choose this popular glass teapots.
The selection of glass teapot needs to start from the following aspects:
1. The first thing to look at when choosing a glass teapot is the capacity of the glass teapot. There are different types of the capacity of the glass teapot, such as 600 and 800.
2. The weight of the kettle
The weight of the kettle is also a direction for you to choose the glass teapot. It is generally recommended that you choose the heavy weight, and the durability of the light weight is not very good.
Step 3: Heat resistant
The selection of glass teapot also needs to pay attention to the heat resistance, which is generally marked. The type of heat-resistant glass is available for us to choose. The glass teapot of this material has better heat resistance and is reliable to use.
4, stainless steel filter net
Choose the glass teapot also need to pay attention to its stainless steel filter, we use teapots are need to filter tea, so we want to choose the filter is easy to clean to use, and stainless steel is a very durable type, is worthy of trust.
5. Can be disassembled and washable
Generally, the filter inside the kettle can be detachable, so as to clean, it is not easy to leave tea dirt, and the shape is more beautiful.
The above is how to choose the glass teapot arranged by Xiaobian, hoping to help you better choose the glass teapot.


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