One side of the "peak season is not prosperous" side of the "off-season is not light", glass and soda "fork" two ways

Release Date:

2023-02-18 17:00

As the upstream and downstream varieties of the industrial chain, soda ash and glass are closely related at the spot level and highly correlated at the futures level. The high correlation between soda ash and glass futures price is caused by the characteristics of the industrial chain.

At present, the upstream and downstream of the glass industry chain presents obvious characteristics: glass and soda ash markets are Mired in a dilemma of "two high and one low". Despite the similarities, the meanings of "two high and one low" are obviously different.

Since this year, soda "high production, high rigid demand, low inventory" and glass "high production, high inventory, low demand" pattern, resulting in two market trends "bifurcation".

Glass market "peak season is not prosperous" and soda market "off season is not light" once again refresh the traditional cognition.



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