Glass bottoming up downstream demand performance weak

Release Date:

2023-02-18 16:57

At present, the resumption of production of downstream processing plants is not ideal, order increment is not good, production and marketing in many places are not good, middle and downstream replenishment willingness is weak, mainly consume their own inventory. North China Shahe overall production and sales are weak, the price is mainly falling, individual enterprises price flexible adjustment, including North China 5.00mm large board is still at 1650 yuan/ton.

East China Zhejiang individual manufacturers adjust downward, production and sales slightly improved. Central China market mainstream price stable operation. Southwest southwest market price increase, downstream appropriate replenishment.

As downstream demand starts slowly, the original film enterprise inventory continues to rise. According to data from Longzhong Information, as of this Thursday (February 9), the total inventory of float glass sample enterprises in China increased by 3.54% month-on-month to 77.808 million heavy boxes, a new half-year high and an increase of 81.99% year-on-year.

Glass production in the same period of low, but early ignition production line began to produce glass, so the supply increase, this week there is a temporary proletarian cold repair or ignition plan, the supply will rise after the main stable. In addition, on February 13, Yunnan Haishengrun first line planned to produce 550 tons of white glass into Ford blue in mid-February, and China Glass (Shaanxi) New Technology Co., Ltd. second line 500 tons of original white glass into Ford blue recently.

Moreover, from February 3 to February 9, the profit changes of glass enterprises rose and fell. According to the production cost calculation model of Longzhong Information, the weekly loss of float glass fueled by natural gas and coal-to-gas is still over 100 yuan; With petroleum coke as fuel float glass weekly average profit 74 yuan/ton, increased by 21.31%, in 3 months high.



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